Applied Storytelling #009 – Finding New Venues for Adult Storytelling

Hello. I am Tony Teledo. My question for you is how can we in a storytelling community develop inside the greater community a spot where we can have stories that are perfect for adults with adult language and adult themes so that we can have that and draw people in, the same folks that love to watch a movie, I think there is lots of people who have stories that they would love to see and love to listen to if they only knew they existed. How do we get the two together? (more…)

Applied Storytelling #008 – Story Rustling and What to do about it.

Sheela Philips. What do you do if someone else begins to tell your own personal story without your permission – one you have written down? (more…)

Applied Storytelling

Applied Storytelling #007 – Building the Membership of Your Storytelling Guild

This is a good example of how we in the storytelling community – we think that our problems are unique to us. I am not saying that you think that. But I am saying that many people in storytelling community and many storytellers think that they have to reinvent the wheel, that storytelling clubs or organizations are complete unique in terms of arts centered organizations.

Applied Storytelling

Applied Storytelling #006 – Theater vs Storytelling?

So storytelling has that ability to basically create amazingly complex stories with hardly any budget.

Applied Storytelling

Applied Storytelling #005 – Integrating a Story into your Repertoire

I have a friend of mine who when he tell stories, he is exact; he is perfect in everything he does. He does not ever create a story on the spot. And he literally writes all the stories down; every word is written down before he tells. And that is his style because he came at storytelling as a writer.

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Applied Storytelling #004 – Bringing the Love Home.

I am Ron Chic of Chain of Unbroken Stories. I have spent this wonderful week with these storytellers. Now I want to take that energy and that feeling and that attention and bring it out into the real world. How do you get another audience to understand the nature of what you are saying?

Applied Storytelling

Applied Storytelling #003 – New and Old Storytelling Worlds

My Name is Alton Chung, and my question is we have young people who are going to Moths, story slams and poetry slams and that’s young, it’s vibrant, intense and that is where they go and listen to these stories. And yet we have the older generations who are in the established, National Storytelling Network, [...]

Applied Storytelling

Applied Storytelling #002 Finding Local Folktales and Legends

I am Lyn Ford and I would love to know what Folk tales can actually trace their roots to what became the state of Ohio.

Applied Storytelling

Applied Storytelling #001 Community and Performance Storytelling

Community Storytelling is a form of oral narrative where the storyteller has already entered into relationship with the audience before the story begins.

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Riding the Tiger

As a teacher of storytelling, I know that there are a lot of people who are interested, but not really invested, in the study of the art that I love so much. When I discover the passion for storytelling inside a student that matches my own, I find that experience exhilarating and thrilling. My students have [...]

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